Microsoft has launched a lot of products which was very been beneficial for all the users but Microsoft Office was a pioneer breakthrough and after that Microsoft also got recognition from the users. If you will check the past records you will saw that Microsoft is constantly updating their Microsoft Office programs with new features every time and the latest office set up available is Microsoft office 2019. You can download this Microsoft Office latest version from the website and the latest version has eight variants-Microsoft office ultimate, Microsoft office enterprise, Microsoft Office professional, Microsoft Office professional plus, business, small business, office 365 home and student

Introducing new Version of Microsoft 365.Com/setup

On April 2019 Microsoft office 360 2019 program became Microsoft office 365, a complete new service that will have add-ons more features to the office software’s. This program can be easily downloaded from the website up. This program will include all the Microsoft office applications like Word, Excel, access, Skype, Drive etc. But it also added some new applications and the services what Microsoft was not serving earlier so if you will read the complete article you will find out what are the new services what Microsoft office is providing nowadays. Microsoft office 365 and offer new artificial intelligence(AI), simple user interface, which content and variety of customised templates and cloud backup experiences. Microsoft also announced the new tools in Microsoft Word which will be your editor tool which will be very helpful for the AI editor. Hysterical tool of Microsoft office 365 gives a new turn of Microsoft word with Ram suggestions and correct mistakes and even Microsoft says that it will offer gender neutral alternatives to press the words but it’s already written in that sentence. The services of  Telugu some smaller features and changes in the service coming to the PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Skype, Microsoft cloud backup etc.

New features and services of Microsoft office 365

  1. Microsoft editor get a major expansion in the world.
  2. AI powered feature is more stronger now in PowerPoint presenter.
  3. All calculators and managing software’s are included in the excel to manage your finances with the money or with the records of your office data.
  4. Simple and customised templates in your Microsoft account of Outlook which will organise your time across your work and life.
  5. Online access to a lot of popular apps which were like Adobe, head scape and teams now and Microsoft teams.

What are the ways to get MS office 365 ?

Are you planning to have Microsoft office 365 suite with all the features to make the Presentation, preparing documents on Microsoft Word, is the calculation in the excel sheet, free chat with sky without saying a single amount of money? If yes then here we will discuss take steps to get Microsoft office 365 suite for free. The methods What we are discussing Adalaj to make methods to use Microsoft office programs without spending money on it. You can follow any one of the methods to get for free as per your convenience and needs.

Guide to Download Microsoft Office 365 from

The listed guidelines are simple and straightforward that you can pursue to download the latest version of MS Office easily. So, make sure to follow such steps and grab its premium features to create documents easily.

  1. On your device, head straight to a web browser.
  2. Tap on the Address Bar.
  3. Then, browse using the search bar.
  4. Now, press the Enter hotkey on your system.
  5. On the MS Office web page, search for the Sign-in option.
  6. Click on the best match.
  7. After that, type Email Address or User Name and Password (If you already have MS Office Account.)
  8. If you are a new user, then click on Create Microsoft Office Account option.
  9. Then, select the MS account version, i.e., either work and school, or Microsoft.
  10. Next, pursue the prompts and continue further.
  11. Once finished, a window will pop up.
  12. Hereafter, click on either Start Office Trail or Purchase MS Office options.
  13. Then, tap on the Continue icon and begin the downloading procedure.
  14. Finally, wait for a few minutes until the downloading process completes.

Guide to Install Microsoft Office 365 from

Once downloading MS Office via finishes, pursue the following steps to install Office on your preferable device effortlessly.

  1. Launch the Downloads Folder on your operating system.
  2. Now, search for the MS Office installer package.
  3. Then, right-click on the best match and proceed.
  4. Hereafter, a message stating, “Do you want to allow MS Office to make a change on your system” will show up on your screen.
  5. Hit Next and continue.
  6. Wait for a few moments until a message shows up, “You are all set! The Office is installed now.”
  7. At last, press on the Close button and exit the window.